The Route

The Boundless Southern Africa Expedition is being Geo tagged by Mike and the route can now be followed. Please find instructions below on how to find it on Google Earth.

Instructions for using Google Earth to track the BSA Expedition

Please follow these instructions carefully, even if you are a Google Earth expert. Sometimes the steps may have to be carried out in a slightly different sequence. Please use commonsense to get round these minor issues.

We have tested them on various browsers and various operating systems and we are confident that they will work if your computer is set up correctly and you follow the instructions correctly.

Unfortunately we cannot respond to emails which ask us to help - there are simply too many factors for us to try to do this. Your PC support people should be able to resolve any problems.

Installing or updating Google Earth

1. If you have Google Earth already, to check for updates fire up GE and go to Help - Check for Updates Online

2. To download and install Google Earth go to

Setting up tracking - the first time you use this facility

3. Make sure that Google Earth is not running

4. Click here to download the most recent KMZ Zip File of the BSA Expedition. You will be asked whether to open or save the file. Click on 'Save' and save the file to your desktop. Below, please find a list of tracklogs (KML files) from the BSA Expedition starting from day one.

Tracklog 41

Tracklog 40

Tracklog 39

Tracklog 38

Tracklog 37

Tracklog 36

Tracklog 35

Tracklog 34

Tracklog 33

Tracklog 32

Tracklog 31

Tracklog 30

Tracklog 29

Tracklog 28

Tracklog 27

Tracklog 26

Tracklog 25

Tracklog 24

Tracklog 23

Tracklog 22

Tracklog 21

Tracklog 20

Tracklog 19

Tracklog 18

Tracklog 17

Tracklog 16

Tracklog 15

Tracklog 14

Tracklog 13

Tracklog 12

Tracklog 11

Tracklog 10

Tracklog 9

Tracklog 8

Tracklog 7

Tracklog 6

Tracklog 5

Tracklog 4

Tracklog 3

Tracklog 2

Tracklog 1

5. Google Earth will now start and load the file; if a dialog pops-up regarding a security alert answer 'yes'

6. Close Google Earth and answer 'Yes' when Google Garth asks if you would like to save unsaved items in the myplaces folder

You will not need to carry out the above steps again

Subsequent visits to Google Earth

7. There will be an updated Boundless SA entry in the 'Places' pane on the left. The entry will either be in Places or in Temporary Places. Click on the + to expand the 'Boundless SA' entry. Then expand the 'Boundless SA' entry, then the Data for Boundless SA entry. The latest location will be shown as 'Boundless SA. Check the box and double click the 'BSA Expedition'.

Google Earth will take you to the last location for the Expedition. You may have to click on + or - to zoom in or out for best resolution.

9. To see the route and previous locations, first check the box next to History, then click on the + next to History to expand, then check the box next to Path. This will create a line between the hourly tracking points.

Please note that the line connects all the points except the latest - we hope to have that changed shortly. Also note that you have to do this each time - we are also trying to solve this.

10. You can zoom in and out and follow the tracking line to see the whole route of the BSA Expedition.

  • Click Image to view the Route

    Please click here to download the BSA Expedition PDF flyer

    Garmap and Garmin Garmap Garmin

  •   Garmap Google Earth KML

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