Kingsley Holgate

Considered a bit of David Livingstone - Kingsley Holgate is one of Africa's most colourful modern day explorers. An adventurer, author, TV Personality and fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Kingsley is often referred to as the Grey Beard of African Adventure. The Zulus call him "Nondwayisa uya Shinga" - the Jacana, the African Lilly Trotter that stalks the rivers and lakes of Africa on long legs. Quite an apt name for someone who has become one of Africa's greatest present day adventurers.

To all fellow Adventurers:

"I feel blessed to be born under African skies and with my family and team of fellow adventurers to be privileged to live the life of a modern day adventurer and with your support to be able to continue to use these adventures to improve and save lives.

Good luck and thanks for all the support.

Life is a great Adventure.

Siyabonga, Asante Sana."

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